Heiress Arden St. Clare decides to enlist the services of the Any Time Any Place (Time Travel) Agency to plan a fantasy vacation to Regency England. Though she is cynical about time travel shes willing to see if its possibleafter all she is guaranteed to find her hearts desire.

Landing in the middle of a dark country road is not what she planned. Then again, saving the life of 11-year-old William, Duke of Wolverton, was not part of the itinerary either.

Royce Warrick, the dukes uncle, is shocked to find that his nephew has been rescued by a bold American. Concerned she might be part of a scheme, Royce insists on bringing Arden back with them.

Sweeping from 20th century New Orleans to Somerset and London, this is a light and lively time-travel romance. Though the mystery plotline isnt new or the villains a surprise, the delightful mix of a modern heroine and Regency rogue make for great fun and a sure to please read for genre fans. (Mar., 352 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin