Ace Durango's only interests are gambling, fighting and women. His mother thinks it's time he found a wife, and she has the perfect woman in mind: Lynnie McBride.

The trouble is that Lynnie's devotion to the women's rights movement landed Ace in jail once, and he's vowed not to repeat that experience. Then his father decides Ace should lead their cattle drive to Dodge, and Lynnie, disguised as a cowboy, joins to get to Dodge for a demonstration. Ace can't discern what about "Lee" interests him so, but he secretly shadows the stranger until he discovers the truth. At that point they've gone too far to send her back with an escort—and a good thing too, since Lynnie saves the day once or twice. But she causes a disaster or two as well—one that ultimately lands Ace in jail again.

It's not easy for these two to get along, but somehow Georgina Gentry creates a marvelous tale with carefully crafted characters. There is plenty of humor, passion and interesting details about the women's movement. This is a book that should find a permanent place on your bookshelf. SENSUAL (May., 348 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner