Lady Caitlin uerch Dafydd, blood kin to Welsh royalty, cousin to Prince Llywelyn himself, was not a woman for the likes of a mercenary warrior like Nicholas Talbot. But when he saves the lady from a band of outlaws hired to kidnap Caitlin, destiny throws them together.

Nicholas has no idea of the nightmare and torments that haunt Caitlin, making her fear a man's touch. But as Nicholas nurses her wounds and saves her time and again from harm, she comes to trust, admire and eventually desire the noble knight.

Accompanying Nicholas to his home, a place he has not seen in years, allows Caitlin to repay him for his help. She puts the shambles of his keep in order and succumbs to their rising passion. Their idyll is brief, for Nicholas must bring Caitlin to her destination at L'Eau Clair and face her friends and family. Still, Caitlin's love and compassion have healed his wounded soul as his gentleness has eradicated her fears.

Yet a madman, thirsty for vengeance and merciless in his schemes to capture Caitlin, threaten their lives.

A spin off from Heart of the Dragon, Ms. Schulze gives warrior Nicholas Talbot a story and a woman worthy of his gallantry, chivalry and valor. A colorful medieval romance complete with a ruthless villain, battles, outlaws and sword play this is one swashbuckler reader will enjoy. Sensual (Oct., 350 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin