Found wandering the moors at the age of four, carrying nothing but a flute, Sarah is adopted by farmers who view her uncanny ability to communicate with animals as a gift.

Sarah lives a plain and peaceful life until a stranger arrives, claiming she is the Duke of Argylls long-lost daughter.

Though unsure, Sarah is compelled to return to a more civilized world and be presented to the ton. Her tutor Colin is the Dukes heir, who has much to lose if Sarah is truly the Dukes daughter. Slowly drawn into the beauty of Sarahs world, Colin assists her in her quest to find the last unicorn, the white beast of her dreams who rescued her and gave her the flute.

Part Pied Piper, part My Fair Lady, TO TAME A WILD HEART is all enchanting romance. Like Cawder youll be captivated, falling in love with Sarah, her pet fox, the mythical beast and the legends surrounding it and wish you could be a part of their lives. Here is a love story that captures your heart, your soul and your imagination and has you believing in miracles. Tracy Fobes is like a fresh breeze for the genre and a bright spot in your evenings reading. SENSUAL (Aug., 400 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin