Image of Tamed: The Barbarian King


Image of Tamed: The Barbarian King
TAMED: THE BARBARIAN KING (4.5) by Jennie Lucas: Thirteen years ago, King Kareef of Qusay and Jasmine Kouri were teenage lovers. Now, Jasmine is to marry another man unless Kareef can persuade her otherwise. Unable to bear children stemming from a horse-riding accident that was Kareef's fault, Jasmine is resistant because she knows that a monarch's first duty is to produce an heir. Also, she's desperate for her family's approval, especially now that her younger sister is pregnant. Not marrying her fiance will bring more shame to her father and mother. With this touching story of how past tragedies can mar the present, Lucas has written another winner with a surprise ending that is sure to satisfy.
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Rhomylly Forbes