"… greed and lust for the Clachan Fala (Blood Stone) began it. Pride and retribution give it power to continue… " That is the genesis of the 60-year Campbell/ Maxwell feud. Now, Fayth Campbell's cunning brother, Ridley, uses her as a pawn to locate the stone and secure his power.

When Fayth tries to escape an arranged marriage, she falls into the hands of her enemy, Red Alex Maxwell. By holding Fayth captive, he hopes to ransom her and gain control of his ancestral home.

Their battle of wills and wits stokes the fire of their desire, until falling in love is inevitable. But war, betrayals, divided loyalties and the obsession with the stone propel the story forward as much as the passionate romance.

Ms. Holling's vibrant portrait of the era is rife with exciting political intrigue. The clash-of-wills dynamic and biting repartee are reminiscent of Shannon Drake's Scottish romances and caught my attention from the beginning. This compelling tale simply cries out for a sequel. SENSUAL (Jun., 373 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin