Fleurette Eddings, Lady Glendowne, needs no man to make her life complete--until she spies the "Black Celt," a magnificent statue of a 14th-century mercenary. She becomes obsessed with its raw masculinity and somehow the statue finds its way to her gardens.

Legend claims the Celt, Killian, betrayed his cruel master and was turned to stone, waiting to be awakened by a woman in need of a champion. Fleurette's vulnerability allows Killian to break the ancient curse.

Few know of Fleurette's abusive marriage and the terrible truth behind her husband's death. When a scheming suitor tries to blackmail Fleurette into marriage, Killian comes to the rescue. The bold warrior excites Fleurette just as she entices him. Does Fleurette hold the key to setting Killian free and finding the means to keep him with her forever?

Taming the Barbarian is a Pygmalion story in reverse, with Greiman's unique touches of poignancy and sensuality blended into the romantic ideal of the lady taming the rugged, all-male barbarian. Indulge your own fantasy with this sexy, deeply moving read. SENSUAL (Sep., 384 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin