The first part of Harper's novel is told from two perspectives, and while
this reinforces the coming together of
the main characters, the technique
unfortunately slows down the action. However, the sexual tension in this BDSM novel is palpable, and Harper never lets her heroine down: She remains in possession of herself, even when stripped of everything. The animalistic, raw sex scenes may be too intense for some, but others will like the way they bring relief to the life-threatening situations throughout the story.

Kai Tallon is an animal psychic brought on an anthropological expedition of unexplored Navajo territory in Arizona. She learns that this is the land of the Tocho, a half-man/half-cougar pride with a mystical link to the ancient Navajo, and forges an intense spiritual and physical connection with Hok'ee, who captures Kai to be his mate. She's able to see Hok'ee's past as a whole man, before the accident that led to his life as one of the Tocho.

Threatening their relationship is the trickster spirit responsible for Hok'ee's shapeshifting existence, which doesn't want him to be in touch with his human side at all, and the team of academics who threaten to expose the Tocho habitat to the general public. (APHRODISIA, Oct., 256 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Michelle Wiener