Emily Williams is at it again. As the quirky idol for teen readers everywhere, she takes us back to London. It's her last month in England, but some things haven't changed. There is still a "pervy" ghost throwing her lacy undergarments about, a selection of cute boys and her best friend, Dru, to e-mail in the good old U.S. of A. Unfortunately, things Emily thought wouldn't change have.

Since realizing she wasn't really in love with Devon (she threw up on him twice and he still talks to her!), she's learned her no. 1 boyfriend pick is Fang, the super-intelligent, faithful guy friend who's been there all along. But when he returns home from a three-month veterinary trip, Fang doesn't share Emily's views. Neither does Audrey—Fang's new girlfriend.

In Emily's dramatic world, losing Fang is earth-shattering. Fortunately, with a little help from Dru, some online advice givers and her new co-workers (she deals with dead birds at a natural history museum— ew!), she has a comeback plan. Emily will become all the woman Fang has ever wanted—and then some.

The road to true love is paved with lots of new endeavors, like multicolored chakras, stinky beetles, family health scares and hilarious e-mails from Emily's friends.

It's always good to read another adventure in the life of Emily Williams. Maxwell doles out teen vocabulary, which gives her books an added punch. The Taming of the Dru is definitely "uber-fabu" and should be placed on summer reading lists everywhere. (Sep., 208 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Ali DeGray