Image of The Taming of the Duke (Essex Sisters, book 3)


Image of The Taming of the Duke (Essex Sisters, book 3)
As a young and attractive widow, Lady Imogen can discreetly take a lover. But she has her ex-guardian, Rafe, Duke of Holbrook, to contend with.

Imogen despises the fact that Rafe is a lazy, immoral drunkard who demands she behave with propriety. When Rafe's long-lost half-brother, Gabriel, whose resemblance to the duke is quite startling, arrives, Imogen decides to indulge in an affair.

Her interest in Gabe sparks Rafe's jealousy. He'll do anything to prove he's the man for her, even sober up. A meeting at a masked ball is just the spark to ignite Imogen's tryst. With both Gabe and Rafe in attendance, just who will sweep her off her feet?

James is utterly brilliant! Her plots are unique and thought-provoking, her characters intelligent, her dialogue witty and her stories emotional and tinged with just enough humor. You'll truly relish this deliciously naughty, exquisitely written novel. SENSUAL (Apr., 404 pp., $6.99)
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Kathe Robin