Young Meg MacNeill believes her grandmother's tales of the selkies—mythical creatures from the sea who turn into humans. So naturally when she finds a man washed ashore, she believes he has come to love her. When he leaves, she feels the sting of betrayal. Years later, Meg inherits the title of Lady Strathlin and the ability to stop Dougal Stewart—a familiar face—from building a lighthouse on her sacred island.

When they meet again, it is with shock and a renewed passion, but Meg's secret (the result of an ancient prophecy) and the fears and superstitions that bind them together while pulling them apart, will continue to resurface.

The talent to mix myth and romance in a story as wondrous as a fairy tale is a precious gift, and one that Susan King possesses in great measure. Readers wishing to be swept up in a tale that allows them to surrender to their senses and give their passion free rein will treasure the beautifully rendered TAMING THE HEIRESS. SENSUAL (Jul., 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin