Image of Taming an Impossible Rogue (Scandalous Brides Series)


Image of Taming an Impossible Rogue (Scandalous Brides Series)

The Scandalous Brides are on a roll! Revisiting the Tantalus Club, Enoch ensures readers a fantastic, rollicking, emotional read. The pace never falters, and the sensuality fires up the pages as the deliciously naughty hero discovers the magic of being tamed by love. Enoch delivers what readers crave.

Since her fiancé, Stephen Pollard, Marquis of Fenton, has never shown an interest in meeting her, Lady Camille Pryce flees the church on her wedding day. She has nowhere to turn but the Tantalus Club, a gentleman’s gaming house run by women. Unable to reclaim his runaway bride, Fenton “hires” his roguish cousin, Keating Blackwood, to convince Camille to go through with the wedding. From the moment they meet, Keating wants to lure Camille into his arms. He befriends her and then courts her, and his kisses steal her breath away. Becoming lovers is the next step, but when his past reappears, Camille faces a conundrum: Can she trust the rogue with her heart? (ST. MARTIN’S, Apr., 352 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin