In the sixth book of the Sutherland Chronicles, Ross Lion Sutherland finds himself in an unenviable situation. The only way to regain the note that gives his familys keep to Hakon Fergusson is to steal Catlyn Boyds recipe for distilling whiskey.

Torn between his conscience and saving his familys home, Ross decides to find a way to save Catlyns secret and his honor.

Since she was five, Catlyn has been helping her clan with their whiskey distilling. She has the nose, the skill, the recipe and the loyalty of her clan and distrusts all charming men, men like Ross.

Ross cant rely on his handsomeness and charm to win Catlyns trust. He must gain her confidence. He begins by saving her life and then by trying to help her clansmen deliver their whiskey to market.

Though they pledge their love in a handfast marriage, when Ross hidden motives and betrayal are revealed by a jealous foe, all his hopes and dreams are at stake.

Loyal fans of the Sutherland series will not want to miss this latest installment TAMING THE LION is filled with fascinating details of whiskey-making capturing the essence of Scotland and is a wonderful example of Ms. Barclays fine writing. SENSUAL (June, 300 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager