Image of Taming the Moon


Image of Taming the Moon

Quinn's spicy werewolf romance
puts an interesting twist on an old
tale. It's fun to watch Olivia and Rory dance around each other, and rare
to read about a clan's omega as the heroine. Although the characters work well together, the story is lacking a
bit in both character development
and depth.

Werewolf Olivia accidentally turns Rory, the man she's supposed to kill, into a werewolf. She cannot let her vindictive pack leader find out, or he'll murder her daughter. Instead, Olivia tracks Rory from England to the American Southwest to finish the job, but a spicy encounter between them pushes all thoughts of murder from Olivia's mind.

She instead throws herself on the mercy of Rory and his new packmates, willing to exchange her future for help getting her daughter back safely. But what will Rory do when he finds out that Olivia is responsible for his "curse"? (BRAVA, Mar., 288 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Whitney Kate Sullivan