As a rebellious and confused seventeen-year-old, Summer Lawrence got her arrsted for drug dealing. Her undercover cop boyfriend had set her up and then abandoned the pregnant Summer. Forced to give up her baby for adoption while in prison, Summer swore she would eventually turn her life around.

Sixteen years later, Summer has a doctorate in psychology and the dream of opening Phoenix House, an adolescent drug rehabilitation center.

Summers new friend, Dottie Hollister, has property in Osuma, WA that would be a perfect site for the center, but the major fly in the ointment may be Dotties police chief nephew Brody Hollister. After his wifes murder by a rehabilitated drug user, Brody has violent feelings towards drug rehabilitation programs in general.

Summer knows they are heading for trouble when Dottie insists that Summer keep her true purpose for visiting Osuma a secret. Dottie wants to break the news to Brody gradually.

The developing attraction between Summer and Brody can only complicate this situation. Summer also finds herself growing attached to Brodys 14-year-old daughter Kelly, who is having her own man trouble.

The truth must come out, but will the tentative bonds be strong enough to withstand the onslaught?

Paula Detmer Riggs bursts onto the mainstream stage with a powerful and thought-provoking novel. TAMING THE NIGHT works as an intricate drama as well as a wonderful love story. (Feb., 408 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith