Talented Jule McBride brings a wonderful addition to American's More than Men series this month with THE BABY MAKER (4H). Ten years before, a young woman soon to be divorced because of her inability to have a child met a mysterious man who listened to her sad story and comforted her. Now this stranger is back claiming that he's the father of her nine-year-old son. Ms. McBride delivers magic and joy to this very popular series.

Answering a personal ad that began, "Let's make a baby together," brings a shipmaker with secrets in his past to the island of a beautiful, though self-conscious scientist. Each has their own reason for wanting a baby, and trying to do so together might uncover reasons for wanting love. With indepth characterizations, and love scenes to warm your fall nights, ANGEL'S BABY (4), by Pamela Browning will delight.

Concerned with the welfare of her niece, a jewelry designer goes in search of the child's father, despite her sister's objections. Discovering a six-year-old daughter he knew nothing about is a shock for this reclusive investment broker, and the attraction he feels for his former sister-in-law knocks him off his feet. TAMING THE WILD MAN (3) by Delayne Camp is a touching tale despite some questionable choices made by this hero.

When her suggestion of holding their top secret meeting at a honeymoon hotel leads to her boss proposing they bring along their spouses, an executive finds the company's head of security more than willing to volunteer. When she decides to provide her own man, she calls 1-800-HUSBAND and finds life with HER TWO HUSBANDS (2) confusing. Mollie Molay displays a wonderful sense of humor though some might find the pacing slow.

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson