Image of Tammy and the Doctor


Image of Tammy and the Doctor
TAMMY AND THE DOCTOR (4.5) by Judy Duarte: After a 35-year feud, a dying man’s last request brings Tammy Byrd to Buckshot Hills, Texas. She’s curious about her new family and ready to reinvent herself — and maybe to catch the attention of her grandfather’s handsome doctor. Dr. Mike Sanchez doesn’t have time to care about Tammy’s transformation from tomboy to knockout — he’s heading back to Philly as soon as his job is done. But Tammy’s got him thinking about small-town life instead of big city lights. Duarte’s romance is part mystery and all drama when secrets, betrayals and feuds fill the pages, and the love story is refreshingly pure yet sensually stimulating.
Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt