Image of Tangled Up: Crossing the Line\Burned


Image of Tangled Up: Crossing the Line\Burned

Hot, tense and consistently surprising, this is a steamy set of stories not to be missed. Hart turns a familiar trope on its head, producing a couple who defy all conventions — even their own — in an exploration as risky as it is heady. Morgan continues her Miller Sisters stories with a protagonist who is at last ready to face her past, and her own desires, no matter what. Both stories feature wonderfully strong, capable heroines and heroes who aren’t afraid to let them take control. Fans of both authors will be delighted with this pairing, and new readers deserve to discover these two terrific talents.

In Hart’s “Crossing the Line,” Caitlyn Fox is willing to do anything to convince her alluring, incredibly domineering boss that she has what it takes to succeed. But no sooner does she challenge his control, Caite realizes that Jamison Wolfe is nothing she expected — and everything she ever wanted. Morgan’s “Burned” features Rosie Miller, marital arts instructor and professional fighter who can handle anything — except Hunter Black, her first lover and her first heartbreak. Now that Hunter is her new boss, Rosie is determined to keep the upper hand and play by her own rules. (COSMO RED-HOT REDS, May, 224 pp., $11.95)
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Bridget Keown