Image of Tangled Passions


Image of Tangled Passions

Their love was forever, or so Jamie MacLeod believed until she couldn't talk her husband, Teague, from joining Bonnie Prince Charlie's last-ditch effort to rid Scotland of the English. He insists that he must go but that Jamie and their twin daughters will always be in his heart.

Two years later her worst fears are confirmed when an old friend reveals that Teague has died at Culloden. Jamie decides she must get on with living and accepts an invitation to a ball in Edinburgh. There she meets Ty Kendricks, who looks exactly like her husband, and his wife, Isabella. He shows no signs of recognizing Jamie or her escort, who happens to be her late-husband's cousin.

Jamie invites them to her home in an effort to jog his memory of her, their friends, family and most especially their daughters, Hope and Honor. All is not what it seems at Heaven's Skye, but the twisting path to answers and revelations is well worth the journey. Butler's take on the amnesia story is unique. Tangled Passions deserves a space on your keeper shelf. (Apr., 250 pp., $13.95)

Reviewed by: 
Deborah Brent