Image of Tangled Web


Image of Tangled Web

On a future Earth, ruled by aliens who have outlawed physical contact between humans, government employee Elexis has only known cybersex, completely anonymous and impersonal. She is amazed when the man she connects with on the Internet wants to connect in a more physical sense.

Underground member Cade hadn't meant to hook up through a cybersex site, but he wanted to satisfy Lexi's sexual curiosity. He mustn't let this interfere with the Underground's plans to free Earth from the aliens. Only those of the Underground realize that the aliens plan to eradicate humans and leave only clones and alien-human hybrids in their place. Will he be able to convince Lexi of this or must he give her up forever?

Don't analyze Tangled Web too deeply. Just enjoy this fascinating story of a world where person-to-person physical contact and intimacy are forbidden. Cade's interest in Lexi and his attempt to show her the horrible reality of their new "perfect" world makes for a great futuristic romance. (dl $5.20)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley