Image of Tangled Web (Diezian Empire)


Image of Tangled Web (Diezian Empire)

Much more than an ordinary sci-fi novel, book one of The Deizian Empire is a story of war, survival and love. From the beginning, McHugh shows us how strong the connection between the hero and heroine is, and their hunger for each other is insatiable. Easily read in a single evening, this spellbinding tale will be welcomed with open arms by readers, who will then thank the gods there is a sequel.

Born into slavery and having spent years being tortured, Azurha gets her first taste of bloodshed when she murders her master. Finally free, she works to become the most feared assassin in the empire — and succeeds. For a sizable amount of money, Azurha is hired to assassinate the newly appointed emperor. Although his people rely on it, Titus Sergius Flavus hasn’t perfected his magical skill yet, but his book smarts may compensate for his weaknesses. Azurha soon realizes Titus may be the ruler humanity needs to right their dynasty once and for all, and she second-guesses her mission.Their passion for each other becomes impossible to restrain. But if Azurha doesn’t decide to move in for the kill soon, they both will perish. (ENTANGLED, Oct., 352 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi