In Henderson's phenomenal read,
complex relationships, generational regrets and deep secrets create a tangled family web. The author turns her attention to characters who either vie for each other's love or shun it, and she allots ample time to set up astounding plot twists.

Jewel is afraid to give her husband the child he desperately wants. She fears being replaced by a child as his heart's desire and loathes herself for feeling that way. Trevor's best friend Rae however, has no such qualms and offers herself as a potential surrogate.

But Jewel suspects her motive isn't as altruistic as Trevor believes, and when Jewel accompanies her grandmother to Europe, she leaves behind an angry husband and his ever-present best friend. Her love, trust and pride are tested when she returns and learns of her husband's apparent betrayal. (Parker, Mar., 214 pp., $10.95)
Reviewed by: 
Robin R. Pendleton