After seven years, Tanner Graylord returns home. He had left a friend in charge when he left to fight, first for the Union, then in the Indian Wars.

Tanner knows he will have to face Roxy Bartel, whose betrayal led to his leaving home. He and Roxy were to be married until the day he found her laughing with a gambler in her room above the saloon that her father owned.

Finding his ranch profitable is Tanners first surprise upon his return. Next he discovers that Roxy has a son, Jory, and that she is unmarried.

Fate throws Roxy and Tanner together. She becomes his housekeeper, but the arrangement soon causes conflicting emotions. Roxy guards her heart and her passions, fearing Tanners reactions. Jory is the key to bringing these reluctant lovers together, even as others scheme to tear them apart.

Ms. Hess certainly knows how to write a romance! While the story is somewhat predictable, the characters are wonderful and find a way to sneak into your heart. SENSUAL (Sep., 394 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner