Make way for more of those irresistible Tanner boys in this next installment in the Tanners of Texas series. Unfortunately, problems still seem to be dogging the five brothers.

This time, it's Ry Tanner who is knee-deep in trouble. Depressed over the path his life has taken, he begins to spend nights drinking alone at the River's End bar—where he meets a waitress, Kayla, who draws him in with her cheerfulness and optimism. Learning of her financial hardships, Ry gives her a check for $30,000. But his generosity backfires when the media gets hold of the story and persecutes Kayla, labeling her Ry's mistress.

In an effort to protect Kayla, Ry brings her to the family ranch, where his good intentions fly out the window when sexual tension erupts between them. Readers are sure to devour Tanner's Millions and come looking for more of those sweet, sexy Tanner boys! (Jan., 304 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mitchell