Secrecy and war can ferment intense emotions, as is demonstratively clear in the love/hate relationship generated by
this hero and heroine. The incredible
Leigh pushes the traditional envelope
with her scorching sex scenes by including voyeurism. Intrigue and passion ignite!

For years, Scheme Tallant has led a double life as an aide to her father, General Cyrus Tallant, a member of the Genetics Council, and as a spy for the Feline Breeds. Only Jonas Wyatt knows of Scheme's spying, so she's reviled in the Breed community. Scheme's life is at risk because her father has sensed her corruption and ordered her death.

Breed Tanner Reynolds has had his eye on Scheme for a long time, so when he prevents her assassination, he snatches her. Feisty Scheme is attracted to Tanner, but since she knows there are spies in the Breed compound, she'll only give information to Jonas. Can these two accept the mating status between them in time to stop the general's twisted plan? (BERKLEY, Aug., 352 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith