Grant is a very different kind of hero. He is spiritual and in touch with his emotions as well as his physical body. Arianna is fearless and lives her life on her terms — no excuses. Together Arianna and Grant make an unusual couple. Unfortunately they cannot truly explore their relationship since Grant feels the need to hide his affair with Arianna. His unwillingness to acknowledge his feelings may leave readers skeptical about how serious Arianna and Grant really are. But nobody will be able to deny the heat of the pair's marathon lovemaking sessions, which will definitely appeal to erotica readers. Grant’s practice of tantra, an ancient sexual art, makes the lovemaking all about foreplay and the journey to fulfillment.

Grant Madison was betrayed by his now ex-wife and has since cut himself off emotionally. He channels all of his energy into his yoga school. Arianna Devlin understands focusing on career. As a successful advertising executive she works long hours in very stressful situations. In order to slow down and keep calm, Arianna enrolls in Grant’s yoga class. But Grant has other ways in mind to help Arianna relax, which mainly involve a bedroom and some very interesting tantric sex principles. Both Arianna and Grant are expecting a no strings attached affair, but neither counts on the way that their hearts become involved. (RED SAGE PUBLISHING, April 2011, dl., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne