Castle sets the bar high in this first book of her new series. One mystery is neatly solved, but there's a dangling thread left. Chill and Carmen are interesting characters, and there's the potential for fireworks between them. Castle leaves readers wanting more -- and soon!

Taos, N.M., appears to be the perfect place for Hugh "Chill" Blaines to settle for a while. It seems like fate when he's offered the job of sheriff. Unfortunately, before he has time to unpack, he's thrown into a murder investigation involving a very hot-tempered romance author, Carmen Pollini.

Carmen knows her situation looks bad when she's overheard threatening local delivery truck driver Jake, who later turns up dead on her doorstep. Add this to Carmen's stalker and her unscrupulous agent, and you can understand why she's having a hard time convincing the new sheriff that she's innocent. (FIVE STAR, Mar., 276 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Barb Anderson