Since childhood Lady Laura Blake has loved one man, Alex, the Earl of Cardiffe. When no one could ease her fears, he would. But then he left to fight and her dreams almost died.

Suddenly Laura learns that Alex has returned to Hedden Hall, a mere shell of himself. It is rumored he wears a mask to hide his hideously scarred face and shield his embittered soul. Desperate to return some of the love he gave to her, Laura plots to save Alex from himself.

Disguised as a servant, she invades his home and heart. Alex does not recognize her, but he is tempted to take the love she offers. One night in his arms seals their fate, but with the morning come new problems.

Torn between his obligations, Alex leaves on a dangerous mission that threatens to destroy what they have just reclaimed. Once more Laura's love is tested. She finds the strength to fight against the treachery and betrayal that conspire against them.

TAPESTRY is a marvelous debut; a "Beauty and the Beast" romance guaranteed to steal you heart. The overwhelming tenderness and beauty of Laura and Alex's love makes TAPESTRY a very special love story. SENSUAL (May., 372 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin