TAPPING THE DREAM TREE is Charles de Lint's latest offering—a collection of 18 stories in and around the mythical Canadian town of Newford. Many beloved Newford characters appear in this collection as well as intriguing new ones.

In the only original tale, "The Witching Hour," Paddy Riddell murders Michael Hill while temporarily possessed. In prison, the ghost of Judy Moore explains to him why she used him to kill her murderer, and then she makes Paddy hang himself. She needs his ghostly help to stop Michael's partner.

The resident hob Dick cleans up Holly Rue's bookstore during the night hours. He notices critters coming out of her PC and helps her hunt them in "Pixel Pixies." Sheri thought the Littles were just a story told by her granny until tiny Jenky Wood shows up on her pillow in "Big City Littles."

Mr. de Lint's Newford tales are warm, cozy urban fantasies using natural magic, not fireworks and incantations. (Nov., 544 pp., $26.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kelly Rae Cooper