This story starts off strongly and maintains a brisk pace throughout. The chemistry between Nick and Aurelie
is quite potent, and there are villains aplenty. Warning: Aurelie's torment at the hands of one of them is graphic--and disturbing. Not for everyone.

Rescued from a cult in California as children, Nick, Sarah and Aurelie are raised by a friend of Nick's mother's, Delia Board, in tiny Port Judah, La. Years later, Nick is troubled when bodies belonging to cult members are found -- even though the cult leader, Colin Fox, is supposedly among the dead.

Long used to looking over his shoulder, Nick isn't surprised when strange things start happening, and he can't help wondering if Fox is responsible. Learning what he carried during that long-ago flight -- a valuable jewel -- lends credence to the possibility that all of the Boards are in danger. But it's Aurelie that Nick is most desperate to protect, because his feelings toward her are not at all brotherly. (MIRA, Apr., 416 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer