THE TARNISHED JEWEL OF JAZAAR (4.5) by Susanna Carr: Marrying Zoe Martin, an outcast chosen by tribal elders to be his bride, is the only way Sheik Nadir can repair his tarnished reputation. He plans to marry her, bed her and then banish her to the harem while his life continues on as before. Agreeing to marry a man nicknamed “the beast” is the only way Zoe believes she can escape her cruel uncle’s control. But resisting her husband’s caresses and escaping to America to pursue her dreams is more difficult than she anticipated. Can Nadir convince his not so obedient sheikha that she’s finally found a man she can trust? Readers will fall in love with the hero, right along with the heroine, in this quick-paced story.
Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Madan