Image of Tart (A Delicious Novel)


Image of Tart (A Delicious Novel)

The characters inhabiting Dane’s latest Delicious novel are as scrumptious as a cherry turnover. The sex scenes, with multiple partners and m/m action, are a triple threat of sensuous, sumptuous and seductive. However, the conflict and obstacles that the trio overcome are wimpy for a book of this length and, other than the sensual encounters, there is a distinct lack of action.

Juliet Lamprey, owner of the successful bakery, Tart, goes after what she wants — like Gideon Carter. The news that Juliet and Gideon are a couple stuns Cal Whaley, who has been in love with Juliet for years. He finally shows her how he feels with a kiss. Now, Juliet has two men making her tingle. Gideon suggests that Cal join him and Juliet in a relationship. Juliet must learn to fight for what is important to her, including her new loves. (HEAT, Nov., 352 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
M.H. Morrison