As the Vendix, punisher of the vampire world, Michael has always been an outcast. With the possibility of a war with humans becoming more and more likely, an alliance between Crimson City's vampires and werewolves makes sense. But eons of animosity and distrust do not make for easy negotiations.

Keeli Maddox is the only surviving relative of the Grand Dame Alpha Wolf of the Maddox clan. While her grandmother rules, Keeli has lived somewhat on the fringes, with many afraid of her legendary blood. Vampires are being murdered and it appears that werewolves are responsible. Is someone trying to sabotage the proposed alliance before it even gets started? Realizing that they are in a unique position to help both their peoples, Keeli and Michael agree to join forces. What they don't expect is an intense attraction for each other.

As they begin their investigation, Keeli and Michael start to suspect that what they hunt is something completely new. But is it acting alone or being given orders by someone?

Scorching-hot new talent Liu adds her special voice and style to the amazing Crimson City saga. Passionate, intense and gritty, this paranormal thriller is a truly enthralling read. (Aug., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith