Snyder’s latest brings us back into the world of the Fifteen Realms. Continuing the journey of Kerrick and Avry as they fight to save their world from evil forces, Snyder draws us in with her excellent, efficient storytelling, amusing dialogue and distinctive characters, all set within a well-crafted plot. A delight of a read!

A sick and dying Kerrick is missing, so Avry goes off in search of her love. King Tohon is now defeated but Avry, Kerrick and their world of the Fifteen Realms now face a new threat: The Skeleton King wants to take it over as his own. Meanwhile, Tohon’s army of the undead is resurfacing and, according to Avry’s dreams, they may not have heard the last of Tohon. With a war now raging, Avry is left to make the most critical decision yet — possibly at the expense of her life — to save her world. (MIRA, Jan., 464 pp., $14.95)
Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates