Image of The Taste of Innocence


Image of The Taste of Innocence

The 14th chapter of the Cynster family saga features Charles Morwellan, the Eighth Earl of Meredith, and the "I'll only marry for love" Sarah Conningham. Though the pages sizzle with hot love scenes -- the kind Laurens excels at -- witty style and utterly engaging characters, little conflict exists between the lovers, and the plot is so similar to
others in the series that it can hardly
be considered an "original."

Charles has vowed to not let love cloud his thinking. With matchmakers nipping at his heels, he decides it's time to court his childhood friend Sarah as his ideal countess. But Sarah wants more than a marriage of convenience; she wants passion. She agrees to give Charles two weeks to convince her to marry him -- weeks in which they spend nights learning about the depths of passion.

As Sarah tries to persuade Charles that he really loves her, a ruthless (and anonymous) land speculator attempts to steal Sarah's property, imperiling an orphanage she's the patroness of. The scheme drives the couple apart and together again as the plot moves quickly to an exciting conclusion. Other Cynsters appear and disappear (most notably Devil) as Charles and Sarah solve the mystery and find love. (Morrow, Mar., 384 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin