Image of A Taste of Romance (Avalon Romance)


Image of A Taste of Romance (Avalon Romance)

What begins as a lighthearted romance becomes a little complicated when Jeremy’s lack of faith in Nicole backfires. The characters are delightful, the pacing brisk and the plot enchanting.

Nicole Vitarelli has a serious dilemma. She needs a boyfriend — fast! The executive producer of her popular television cooking show, A Taste of Romance, wants a guest star: the boyfriend she talks about on the show. The problem is she doesn’t have one. Then she has a brilliant idea. Her neighbor, Jeremy Perez, is a bachelor who might be willing to play the part. She gets up the nerve to ask him but he has certain reservations. Jeremy comes from a famous, well-to-do family but wants to be recognized on his own merit. They do a test run at her home and the evening goes well, so it’s on to the studio. (AVALON, Jan., 192 pp., $23.95)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown