When St. John (Sinjin) Thornton was forced to marry Christy Macdonald, he was fourteen and she was seven. The bride kicked him and stuck out her tongue at him.

Now that hes older, Sinjin finds his marriage isnt such a bad thing. As a married man he can carry on his debaucheries without any strings attached.

Christy isnt dissatisfied either, because she is laird of her clan without interference from her absentee husband. But when a power-hungry Calum pressures her to annul her marriage and marry him, Christy knows its time to seek out her wayward husband.

Posing as Flora Randall, Christy arrives in London right under Sinjins nose and is delighted when she captures his attention. She tells him that she is married to a man who wants an heir, but cannot give her one. They begin an affair that ends when she becomes pregnant.

Surprise and anger fill Sinjin when he learns that Christy is masquarading as Flora. After Christy explains her motives in doing so, Sinjin takes an active role in the Macdonald clan life to fend Calum off. But Calum wants Christy and the power she wields and will do anything to get Sinjin out of her life, including threatening to kill him if Christy does not cooperate.

Ms. Mason has created superb characters in Sinjin and Christy, as well as a wonderful cast of secondary characters. A TASTE OF SIN is filled with hot love scenes and a plot studded with twists and turns, that somehow managed to come out right in the end. Ms. Mason is a master of her craft. VERY SENSUAL (May, 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner