The Spinster’s Curse strikes again as Holt delivers a sizzler where an innocent governess and an alpha sea captain share an unexpected passion. With strong characters, including the duplicitous Phillippe Dubois, this is a fast-paced double romance filled with witty ripostes and a team of ruthless villains. A charmer!

Her father’s death in a duel left Helen Hamilton in dire straits with no funds to care for her two younger sisters. She seeks employment as governess to Captain Tristan Odell’s siblings. However, the straightlaced captain, the illegitimate son of a notorious scoundrel, refuses to hire her and Helen has no choice but to sell herself as a mistress to a wealthy patron. There’s only one small glitch in her plan — the vial of the desirability potion she drank while staring at the captain. Is it the powerful elixir that makes Tristan bid on Helen, ensconce her and her sisters in his home and hire her as governess? No matter, he wants her in his bed. Aroused and intrigued, Helen and Tristan play cat and mouse until their passions explode, but as they engage in a heated affair, jealous rivals set a vicious plan in motion. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Jun., 380 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin