Image of Tasting Fear


Image of Tasting Fear

Three interwoven stories explore how three sisters find love. McKenna's book reads like an erotic romance in a suspense vehicle on overdrive. The sex really sizzles, the good guys are hunks with heart and the villains are creepy.

As teenagers, Nancy, Nell and Vivi were adopted by Lucia. When she's murdered, the sisters try to solve the mystery of a hidden art treasure that's behind the rising body count. The hired thugs, sadistic henchman and evil mastermind are ruthless in their search for information and have no qualms about kidnapping, torture and murder. Luckily, there are three hunky heroes -- contractor Liam, government operative turned businessman Duncan and his former colleague Jack -- to help the ladies and win their hearts. (BRAVA, Aug., 489 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan