Miller's entertaining Hollywood After Dark series is peopled with interesting, well-rounded characters. The mythology guiding the world is well realized, but it does little to set itself apart from other paranormal stories. The premise of vampires as winemakers is compelling but ultimately not used to its best advantage. While you can read this book as a single title, there is continuity with the rest of the series. Don't miss the ones written under Miller's erotica pseudonym, Cricket Starr.

Romance novelist Stella is swept off her feet by a man she meets on her book tour. Unfortunately, her date is a vampire who accidentally drains enough of her blood to leave her unconscious. Stella threatens to expose his true nature unless he teaches her about the supernatural as research for her novels.

Sebastian agrees to Stella's blackmail if she will be his willing blood donor. Their agreement puts her in danger when he learns that someone is hunting vampires. (CERRIDWENPRESS.COM, dl $6.49)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer R. Wells-Marani