Image of Tattooed (A Kate Lange Novel)


Image of Tattooed (A Kate Lange Novel)

Callow’s latest novel pits lawyer Kate Lange against a chilling psychopath who has been in and out of jail for various crimes. The scary part is that he has not yet been caught for his earliest crimes. The story is suspenseful and well-plotted, and the characters — even the villains —are intriguing and multidimensional.

When John McNally is released from prison, he is on a mission to pull his former high school sweetheart back into their murderous liaison. Once their bond is re-established, he intends to go after Kate Lange, whom he blames for causing his girlfriend to drift away from him in the first place. Soon after his release, the body of his first victim is discovered. Detective Ethan Drake confirms that the body is that of a girl who went missing in the 1990s. Now he and Kate are dealing with a murder rather than a missing person. The discovery puts Kate on a collision course with a seriously disturbed criminal and his equally dangerous partner. (MIRA, Jun., 448 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Roseann Marlett