Image of Tea for Two


Image of Tea for Two

Cathy Maxwell and Liz Carlyle team up to bring readers two wonderful novellas as hot as a steaming cup of tea!

Starting with "In a Moonlit Garden" by Cathy Maxwell (The Marriage Contract, A Scandalous Marriage), Colonel Michael Sanson infiltrates the household of a scientist to discover if he stole a valuable formula. Instead Michael meets the eccentric chemist's niece, Lady Jocelyn. Though Michael believes himself in love with another, he agrees to pose as Jocelyn's fiancé to make her old beau jealous. Oh, what happens because of this deception! Ms. Maxwell's likable characters and fresh story will have you smiling and cheering them on as they uncover the truth behind Michael's mission and get caught in their own charade of an engagement.

Christian Villiers is determined to ruin the man who caused his sister's suicide, in "Hunting Season" by Liz Carlyle (A Woman of Virtue, My False Heart). However, meeting the villian's intended, a young widow, he begins to wonder if love can be stronger than the need for revenge. When Christian rescues Lady Elise's daughter, she is indebted to him and hardly suspects that he is using her for his own design. She is good and kind and innocent and just the woman to redeem Christian's soul. Liz Carlyle's powerful romance is guaranteed to bring a tear and still make your heart soar with joy. SENSUAL (May, 380 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin