Image of Teach Me a Lesson


Image of Teach Me a Lesson

Tempers flare and emotions sizzle in Haynes’ Teach Me a Lesson. When an itch to be scratched becomes something more serious, this erotic delight balances titillating kink with a naughty romance. A smoothly flowing storyline, filled with steamy lust and wicked humor, opens the heart and mind of two dominant personalities whose sexual games spark a controversy that overflows from the bedroom into the workplace.

Good girl Charlotte Moore, a full-time sex therapist and part-time high school guidance counselor, wants to explore her penchant for naughtiness when she realizes she doesn’t practice what she preaches. And her boss, Principal Lance Hutton, is just the man to punish her for her transgressions. When their extracurricular activities are made public and their careers are threatened, Lance takes his role-playing too far and forces Charlotte to reexamine her wants and needs both professionally and personally. Rules are made to be broken, but can Charlotte let go of her fear long enough to explore this newfound romance, or will her need to remain in control force her to walk away from the only man whose rules she wants to break? (HEAT, Apr., 320 pp., $16.00)

Reviewed by: 
Tori Benson