While Leah’s method of gaining tenure requires a major suspension of disbelief, the sex and the plot are so hot that this doesn't really matter. Steve and Leah’s fiery relationship along with Leah’s struggle to find herself make this a real page-turner. The sex goes beyond what’s usually seen in a ménage novel and heats up the pages.

Leah is desperate to get tenure so she can prove to her family that she’s just as strong an academic as the rest of them. When her promotion gets denied, she comes up with a new thesis that investigates the question: How would two men who are polar opposites react to sharing the same woman? When one man drops out of the project, Leah has to turn to Steve and Beau, two Vietnam veterans, one of whom she’s sworn never to have anything to do with again. (SIREN PUBLISHING, Nov., dl., $5.50)

*Web Exclusive Review* 

Reviewed by: 
Mary Bennings