Scorching BDSM, menage and voyeuristic sex scenes combine with
a continuing love story to fill the pages
as only Willows can do. Each of the five stories in this book is better than the last, proving this erotica author
has staying power.

FBI agents Matt Oliver and Allie Quinn will do whatever it takes to solve their cases -- including undercover work that takes them under the covers! "Inside Man" finds Matt and Allie doing all that they can to get the job done without disturbing each other too much. Then Matt and Allie are "Laying Low" on vacation, and the tropics are the perfect place to ramp their romance up and out for all to see. In "Loose Ends," can Matt and Allie focus on the job now that they are falling in love?

Then Matt admits he loves Allie, but can he share her with "A Real Man" for the sake of the job? In "Never Too Late," will fate allow Simon Petrocelli and Emily Keating another chance at the love they lost? (AMBER heat, Jun., 208 pp., $16.00)
Reviewed by: 
Lisa Kelly