Image of Teardrop


Image of Teardrop

Teardrop has many high and low points. The Louisiana bayou setting makes readers feel as if they really are experiencing the swamps, storms and wetness of the culturally rich area. The plot, though interesting, is slow in the beginning and rushed at the end. Scenes between Ander and Eureka are high points, but Eureka can be a struggle to like. Overall a worthwhile read.

Eureka is a happy teenage girl. But then a seemingly freak act of nature pushes their car from a bridge, killing her mother and leaving Eureka nearly wishing she were dead, too. Suddenly Ander shows up, warning Eureka that she is in danger. When her mother’s inheritance seems to say the same, Eureka begins listening to Ander, a boy risking everything to save her. Will it be enough? (DELACORTE, Oct., 464 pp., $18.99, ISBN: 9780385742658, HC, 12 & Up)
Reviewed by: 
Julie Knowles