This book would probably make a whole lot more sense if the series is read in order. As a result, it cannot be a stand-alone read, leaving uninitiated readers confused about details regarding the plot that would make this read more fulfilling. This is the fourth title in the series with futuristic and shape-shifting elements.

Reaper Owen Tohre's last assignment has left him changed and questioning what he has become. He leaves the protection of the Citadel in order to come to terms with the strife in his life. He ventures close to the international border between his territory and the next, where he comes in contact with a small boy screaming for help. Without forethought, Owen saves the child at great peril to himself, as he goes into seizures and almost dies. He awakens in a strange home with a bizarre social structure. He also meets Rachel Lawrence and realizes she is his destiny, and he will risk all to keep her with him. (EllorasCave.com, dl $6.49)
Reviewed by: 
Kristi Ahlers