Image of Tease Me


Image of Tease Me

This darkly dangerous
tale transports readers into a world of sensual delight. Wolff ramps up the sexual
tension and provides a titillating
read. The irresistible attraction
between the characters is tangible,
and well-written sex scenes will not
disappoint. A suspenseful plot pulls
you in, and the vibrant characters
and arousing descriptions keep the
pages turning.

Byron Hawthorne can't stop thinking about the blog posts he reads on What a Girl Wants. His imagination runs wild about the mystery blogger, but he knows he'll never meet her.

Writer Lacey Richards has been burned once too often by men, and she uses her blog to explore her fantasies. When Byron discovers that his sexy neighbor is the blog's author, he offers to fulfill all her fantasies. But someone else is turned on by her oh-so-provocative posts -- and Lacey's research into prostitution is getting dangerous. (HEAT, Apr., 304 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski