Image of Tekgrrl


Image of Tekgrrl

Picks up where Phenomenal Girl 5 left off, Menden brings us into the world of Mindy, the new crime-fighting woman on the literary scene, blending passion, humor and adventure perfectly. The Elite Hands of Justice is a series to look out for, and
readers will definitely finish this with one thought in mind: Whose story is next?

When she was younger, Mindy, aka TEKGRRL, spent time on another planet and has been haunted ever since, though it hurts to think of specific details. Since she's never had powers, Mindy and the rest of the team are worried when she starts demonstrating telekinesis and even hearing a threatening voice inside her head. With ex-Elite member Simon Leasure calling the EHJ criminals, they have enough to worry about without Mindy's past coming back to wrap them all up in a fight to save the world. (LEISURE, Jun., 336 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Lauren Becker