Image of Tell Me


Image of Tell Me

Superstar Jackson revives characters last seen nearly a decade ago in The Morning After by returning to Savannah, Ga., and picking up with the exploits of reporter Nikki Gillette and Det. Pierce Reed. Now engaged, they find that there’s still friction between their chosen professions. Jackson delivers another tale rife with old secrets, twisted relationships and murder!

Nikki is under pressure to come up with the subject of her next true-crime novel when an explosive crime from the past is reignited. Decades before, Blondell O ‘Henry was convicted of killing her daughter, Amity, and wounding her two other children. However, now her son Niall is recanting his testimony and Blondell may go free. Nikki has a personal connection to the case and both she and Reed are looking for new information, but for different reasons. Will Nikki’s nose for trouble land her in danger once again? (KENSINGTON, Jul., 416 pp., $25.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith